Mike Kondratev (Paralyzah) is a DNB producer (since 2001) and a DJ (since 2003) from Tomsk (Russia, Siberia). He played on the same stage with Zemine, Dissident, Paul B, DJ Dan, DJ Novak, Electrosoul System, Implex, Jebar and many siberian DJs.

Together with Rumble and LANEC he created Untrace promo-group in 2003, which organized a lot of drum'n'bass events in Tomsk. Untrace guests were: Prode, DJ Bes, DJ Step, Implex, Purple Unit, Nphonix, Flame and many other DJs. Paralyzah was a resident in "Matrix" night club (2006-2007) and a "Wetluck" DNB fest resident (2004-2007).

Paralyzah is a member of UNIGINE team as a music producer. He is a sole author of the soundtrack for Oil Rush naval strategy game and all UNIGINE's GPU benchmarks.

Paralyzah's DJ sets are filled with neurofunk, techstep, techmospheric and various deep sounds. His own tracks have deep and tech mood with dark ambient atmosphere.

Mike is interested in creation of music for computer games and cinema, see contacts below.

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